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Welcome to the world of software quality assistance!

We are providing software testing and software development that supports software testing.

Security testing

We can provide information how is your application aligend with OWASP security requirements. We can use various penetration testing techniques, product infrastructure check, and monitoring for future security upgrades.

Load and performance testing

We can put your application under anticipated load and stress revealing problems before they happen in production environment.

Functional testing

Our mission is to provide information about quality of your product. By defining scope of testing mission, and using appropriate test design techniques we would provide that information by creating relevant test reports.

Test automation

Software development of software that aids and supports software testing. This includes:
  • browser automation
  • REST API automation
  • mobile application automation using Appium
  • automation using various testing frameworks

Testing software testers

We can evaluate candidates for testing positions at your company. This includes conducting the interview, preparing and evaluating practical skill assignment.