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Tentamen was founded on 21. February, 2013 by Karlo Smid. Tentamen in Latin means test, proof, trail, attempt.

Association for Software Testing

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We are member of the Association for Software Testing and we are following their mission and purpose. The Association for Software Testing is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to Context-Driven principles.

Black Box Software Testing Courses

We are not against software testing certification, we are against bad software testing certification.
After successfully completing Foundations Foundations Test Design Test Design Instructors Course Bug Advocacy on line courses, we are confident that this is right direction for every software tester. We strongly recommend those and other courses from the BBST series.

Testival meetup

We are co-organizing Testival meetups, as part of our goal to spread the knoweledge about software testing craft.

Croatian Court Registry data

Naziv: Tentamen d.o.o. za računalne i srodne djelatnosti.
Skraćeni naziv: Tentamen d.o.o.
Adresa: Hruševečka 3, 10110 Zagreb
OIB: 53474102347
VIES VAT no.: HR53474102347
Direktor: mr. sc. Karlo Šmid, dipl. ing. elektrotehnike
MBS: 080832575 (tvrtka upisana kod Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu)
Temeljni kapital: 20.000,00 kuna, uplaćen u cijelosti.

Bank account details

Bank name: OTP banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split
IBAN: HR2624070001100493006